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All Butts Are Good Butts Book

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Embrace your behind--flaws, farts, and all--with historical heinies, celebrity cabooses, seat self-care, and more fun facts in this little book of booty body acceptence.


Butts are amazing. They're practical, hilarious, and hardworking, and almost every person and animal has one that is entirely unique and their own. But why is it that so many of us have such a complicated relationship with our buns? Too big, too small, too high, too low... there's no such thing. This book is here to proclaim that all butts are good butts!


From professional buttocks portraitist Rachal Duggan whose work has been seen on Instagram and TikTok (@radillustrates), this illustrated gift book examines all things bootylicious--from historical legends to adorable animals to otherworldly as*trology. For those in need of a little self-love, this book will cover fresh tactics to accept your perceived imperfections and easy strategies for honoring your cheeks. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll (hopefully) see your glorious derrière in an entirely new light.