Wedding Booty Portraits

Hire me for your wedding, birthday, anniversary name it! 

Contact me directly to discuss me doing live-drawing at your next big event! I do high-volume drawing which means in a short time span, I can draw all of your guests! Their rumps, that is :)

*Important Information*

Email the following information to hello(at)radillustrates(dot)com and I'll provide cost options:

  1. Date
  2. Location (city + venue name / address)
  3. Estimated guest count

"We LOVED having Rachal draw butts at our wedding! Her skill and fun-first attitude added even more joy and laughter to the whole evening. Our guests were so excited to get their butt drawings, and even the most skeptical guests were thrilled with the results! It was the perfect keepsake for our guests, and the photos she took of everyone with their drawings was a totally unique way for us to relive the night. 10/10 stars, would recommend everyone’s butt get drawn." - Josh and Nora, Chicago IL