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FYI, Both workshops are now full!

I also offer virtual and in-person drawing workshops for groups of all sizes ranging from family and friends to corporate groups. Pick from one of my ready-to-go themes or have me develop completely custom workshop content based on your interests. My drawing workshops are designed to be carefree, experimental, and fast-paced. The best way to start drawing is to stop overthinking it. 

Some corporate workshop clients include Baker Tilly, Manpower, Harry's, Grainger, Ink Factory Studio, Public Advocates, Earthscout, Planet Propaganda, University of Colorado Boulder, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

For more info on setting up a private workshop for you and your friends, family, or work team, email

Here's what participants have to say about my workshops:

"It's an online party where you get fun drawing prompts from the most fabulous instructor. The group energy is infectious and you'll create some sweet art." - Jackie L., Colorado

"I honestly can’t thank you enough. Your ability alone to sort through allllllllll the things I sent you and pick so well amongst it all is impressive enough. Thank you for your mission of making all people feel creative. I think you are amazing at what you do. Highlight was def the merman but I loved it all. Truly. Thank you again." - Mary R., Indianapolis IN

"Rachal was super prepared and very engaging. My favorite game was drawing the famous faces based on Rachal's description. I felt like a sketch artist! Drawing using your non-dominant hand was also fun and helped me get out of my head and not worry if my drawing was "good"."

"I love feeling creative! I never think of myself as creative so when I join these workshops it allows me to let go of those preconceived notions and just have fun!"


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