Period Story Series

How it Started

Having always struggled with the shame surrounding menstruation, I began collecting period stories from individuals interested in sharing. Back in 2018, I started illustrating each submission as a way of processing the trauma, humor, and shared human experience of having a period. 

The Collection

All period stories are posted on Instagram using #radperiodstory

Get Involved

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My Very Own Period Story

 First period story illustration by Rachal Duggan

“I got my period when I was 12 and my parents were on vacation. I was being watched by my grandma and aunt (they switched off) and my brother. I remember feeling terrible and bleeding endlessly. My mom had some pads in the bathroom that I used but after a few days I ran out and felt helpless. At one point I was so light headed and weak, I was looking in the mirror and the next thing I remembered was laying on the ground with my head in between the wall and the bathtub. I had fainted and smashed the back of my head. Luckily my head was intact but I was super fucking confused and exhausted and in pain. With no end of my period insight, I confided in my brother because I literally felt like I was dying. Over a week of bleeding had gone by and my body showed no sign of stopping. He helped me talk to my aunt and so I finally got a fresh supply of massive heavy flow pads. Since I was finally opening up about my new period, I got on the phone with my mom who was in Vegas at the time. I cried and said "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THIS IS MY NEW LIFE? EVERY MONTH? THIS CAN'T BE TRUE". My poor mom felt terrible and tried to catch an earlier flight home. When they arrived back home my dad asked how I was and I said "What do you think? This is awful. I didn't ask for this." After a full 14 days of bleeding, my virst period finally ended.” - Rachal Duggan