Top 5 Tips for Custom Booty Portrait Newbies

Top 5 Tips for Custom Booty Portrait Newbies

Considering getting a Booty Portrait but you're not sure how it works? Look no further to get all of your questions answered! Let me tell you what I say to my in-person portrait recipients: it's quick and painless. 

Before we dive in, keep in mind that Booty Portraits are $20 each (that means per butt) as it takes skill to illustrate each butt individually. After all, no two butts are alike.

1. Collect Your Thoughts & Pic(s)

It's important to know what you want so I can capture your perfect portrait! How many butts do you want? Do you have pictures for each person or pet? Are you going to stage one perfect photo or do you have many that you'll send my way to piece together the portrait? All work for me -- just be sure to think through the details!

2. Avoid Wonky Angles

It can be temping to have me draw from a unique picture of an upside down butt, extreme side shot, or a butt covered by layers of clothing. But, keep in mind, anything over than a straight forward pic may not translate in illustration (2D) form. If you have a weird picture in mind, feel free to reach out to me to share and discuss. Sometimes they work out just fine! Other times...let's just say it gets lost in translation.

3. Make Note of Special Requests

Would you like something special added to the portrait? Or maybe a pet face or turned face included? Depending on the complexity of the request, there may be an additional fee. Want to find out for sure? Ask me! 

4. Need Duplicates?

When you order online, it is possible to get more than one portrait made. Let's talk to get that squared away!

5. Trust The Process

When I say that I've drawn a lot of butts, I mean it. I'm well into the thousands at this point. Your butt is going to look great. My turnaround time is typically very quick and I'll send you both the digital file and original.