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The Year 2000 Y2K Portrait Slam Workshop (Online)

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In the year you remember Y2k? Nokia phones? Brad Pitt named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine? Conan O'Brien's 'IN THE YEAR 2000' late night sketch?

Whether you remember or not, this workshop is coming up on Saturday, January 22nd. It'll be fun. It'll be awkward. It'll be ridiculous (much like that whole Y2K business).

In this nostalgic and cringey workshop, you'll enjoy a safe environment to play drawing games and create tons of drawings in just an hour and 30 mins! Designed to open your mind and allow for a more playful mode of drawing, all skill levels are welcome! We'll be drawing tons of pop culture references you won't soon forget!

One ticket = one spot! Please order one per person who will be attending - even if you’re sharing a screen.

Supplies needed:
You'll need some paper (any), a marker (any), and a computer + wifi to connect to the session. Or, use a drawing tablet.

Here's what previous participants have to say about my workshops:

“Looove Rachal’s quick and insanely fun drawing events! It’s a playful drawing party atmosphere with no pretension, and just enough time to make a ton of weird creative sketches and not enough time to overthink or judge yourself. She’s hilarious...I can’t wait to go to another!” - Ben

"Super fun. Super clever. I was giggling so much before during and after." - Katie

"What a wild ride!!!!" - Joe