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March Madness Virtual Drawing Workshop!

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In this brand spanking new drawing workshop, you'll enjoy a ridiculous environment to play drawing games and create tons of drawings in just an hour and some change! Designed to open your mind and allow for a more playful mode of drawing, all skill levels are welcome but this workshop is definitely 18+

**New drawing games! New content! New prompts!**

One ticket = one spot! Please order a ticket per person who will be attending - even if sharing a screen. Why? Because more people = more work for me managing the vibe!

Date: Thursday, March 23rd

Time: 7PM CST

Supplies: You'll need some paper (any), a marker (any), and a computer + wifi to connect to the session. Or, use a drawing tablet.

*Hot tip: markers work well in virtual workshops because it makes doodles easier to view through the screen!

Here's what previous participants have to say about my workshops:

“Looove Rachal’s quick and insanely fun drawing events! It’s a playful drawing party atmosphere with no pretension and just enough time to make a ton of weird creative sketches and not enough time to overthink or judge yourself. She’s hilarious...I can’t wait to go to another!” - Ben

"Super fun. Super clever. I was giggling so much before during and after." - Katie

"What a wild ride!!!!" - Joe

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